About Us

Armatec Environmental are leaders in New Zealand with more than 30 years experience in industrial and municipal projects. We began as Ceilcote (NZ) Ltd in 1981 and changed our name to Armatec Environmental Ltd in 1998.  We're New Zealand's leader in the supply of industrial fibreglass products and have earned ourselves the reputation for high quality products for tough environmental and corrosion resistant applications.  Our key products are made from the contact moulded method for maximum chemical resistance.

Skilled & Passionate

Our team of skilled, passionate and highly experienced specialist Chemical Engineers & Fibreglass Technicians have many years of experience between them. 

Chemical Engineers

Our Company Directors, Project Managers, and Sales and Design Engineers are all experienced chemical engineers, working daily with projects involving chemicals, air pollution control, corrosion control and water treatment.

Experienced Tradesmen

Our team of tradesmen have many years of experience with all products, and have worked at sites all over New Zealand. The top tradesmen have between them over 100 years experience with Armatec doing industrial fibreglass work.

Meet the Team

I was very impressed with the professionalism and reliability of Armatec. Armatec were our contractors for the Milliscreen Rehabilitation Contract. This was a very difficult job which Armatec completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and within the price agreed”
— Armatec customer
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Our highly experienced team of top fibreglass technicians and tradesmen are the backbone of our business and deliver exceptionally high quality products from our New Plymouth factory and excellent results for our clients onsite. 

Vast Experience and Extensive Capability

We supply equipment and specialist products to help reduce emissions to the environment.

The company is owned and managed by five chemical engineers, employs up to 20 tradesmen and staff, and has annual sales in the range of NZ$3 to NZ$5 million. We have established a reputation as a leading supplier of air pollution control equipment and industrial fibreglass products, with a reputation for highest quality products for tough environmental and corrosion resistant applications. We have approved tank fabricator status with ERMA of New Zealand.

Dedicated Fibreglass (FRP) Manufacturing Facilities

We manufacture to the highest standards in our own dedicated factory exclusively for industrial fibreglass fabrication.

Fibreglass (FRP) is a composite of resin and glass reinforcing.  We manufacture via the contact moulded method - industry-proven as the best for maximum chemical resistance.

Purpose Built Factory

Our fibreglass products are designed and fabricated in a purpose built 1500 square metre fibreglass factory in New Plymouth, Taranaki – the leading engineering centre in New Zealand. The factory features a 10 metre high tower bay for assembly of tall vessels and scrubbers. The factory is equipped with heating for year round manufacture, a dangerous goods facilities for flammable resins storage and a large outdoor concrete area is used for the assembly of large spools and tank covers. 

The city of New Plymouth is located in the province of Taranaki on the West Coast of New Zealand, and is the centre of New Zealand’s oil and gas industry. New Plymouth is New Zealand’s only west coast port, and is equidistant from the major cities of Auckland and Wellington. It has developed into a leading engineering centre for pressure vessels, steel fabrications, stainless steel, marine vessels and fibreglass. Armatec is a member of the Engineering Taranaki Consortium.

We take Quality Assurance seriously

All products are designed and manufactured to applicable international standards. To ensure the highest level of quality assurance is provided, Armatec Environmental Ltd maintains a quality assurance system covering both design and manufacture. Armatec's quality assurance system is verified to ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas.

All personnel at Armatec are responsible for quality. A full “Quality Manual” is kept at Armatec’s office. Armatec is committed to ensuring that the supply of products and services exceed our customers’ requirements.

All products are designed and manufactured to the requirements of ISO9001. Bureau Veritas is the auditing body. The scope of registration is; “the design, manufacture and installation of air pollution control products, industrial fibreglass products and protective coatings”. A copy of the certification is available on request.

All contracts are logged, and information is kept on materials used and quality assurance steps taken. These logs are available to clients. Logs are kept by Armatec for a number of years following the completion of the contract.

All fibreglass products are checked for quality before despatch. This includes taking Barcol Hardness readings to measure the degree of cure of the laminate. If the readings are lower than required, the items are post cured until satisfactory readings are obtained.

The quality assurance system provides materials traceability, so that if there is a problem in the future, materials can be identified and traced back to the supplier.

Health & Safety

We take Health & safety very seriously and have a commitment to provide a safe environment for all staff.  The full Armatec Health & Safety Manual is available on request.