Fibreglass Flume for metering flow of wastewater flowing from new prison complex in Auckland

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Sewage Networks

Flume Station


In order to be accurate, flumes must be built to strict dimensional tolerances. Building a flume below ground to accurate dimensions in concrete is difficult and time consuming. Especially when the soil is loose volcanic scoria. In addition to this there must be personnel access to the below ground flume for personnel


Armatec¹s fibreglass flumes are built off moulds with all dimensions accurate so every flume comes out totally accurate. Then the flume is incorporated into a fibreglass manhole to provide the access needed. This is all done at Armatec¹s factory off site. Then at site the contractor was able to excavate the hole, install the flume, connect the pipes, place concrete around the flume, and backfill in just a single day, saving time and money. And avoiding delays due to inclement weather.


Result was a cost-effective and well-constructed and installed flume station that allowed accurate measurement of waste metering.