Concrete rehabilitation & lining at Napier WWTP inlet works

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Wastewater Treatment Plants

Armaline 3730 Coating System


Napier City Council's concrete milliscreen plant was in need of repair. The concrete had been badly eaten away by hydrogen sulphide gas - more than 20mm in places. Additionally the timeframe to was extremely tight to minimise shutdown, required a 15 year warranty and the lining application had to be curable underwater in case of emergency overflows during applications.


We rehabilitated the concrete structures underneath their milliscreen plant that screens all of the sewage from Napier before being sent out to sea. This is the first part of a project that will include the building of a new wastewater treatment plant.


Without being able to inspect the job fully beforehand and in difficult conditions and to a tight timetable, our team finished on time and to a high quality finish. Inspections a year later showed very little signs of wear, and very few minor points for touchup. Twice-yearly inspections will continue through the 15 year warranty period.

An excellent result on what was a very difficult project
— Johan Elhers