Our Services

We are Armatec Environmental - designers, manufacturers and suppliers of world-class industrial fibreglass (FRP) products and odour, pollution & corrosion control solutions.

From concept to commissioning and beyond we work closely with customers, consultants, contractors and technology partners worldwide to implement cost effective and innovative solutions to reduce emissions to the environment, on even the most difficult challenge or corrosive duty.

We serve broadly across markets like dairy to wastewater, pulp & paper to fertiliser, food to chemical plants, galvanisers to marine. Our unique combination of strong, trusted solutions & leading edge technologies, international networks & in-house design, pilot plant testing, our team of skilled, passionate & experienced chemical engineering & fibreglass technicians plus over 35 years of experience and expertise ensure we deliver on what we promise - for you and the environment.

We are at the forefront of technological innovation in environmental protection plus manufacture many best-in-class products under international licenses and ISO9001 quality standards.  We are obsessive on detail to make sure you have the best possible experience with our products and services. 


Areas of Expertise

Our Key Markets

Site Fibreglass Repairs, Alterations & Maintenance

Mobile Crew working ready to work for you.

Maintain, extend and/or modify fibreglass equipment on site.

  • Fibreglass ducting and dampers, hoods and covers, fans, tanks, scrubbers, acoustic enclosures.
  • Concrete protection with heavy-duty epoxy-based coatings.
Armatec Personnel

New Fibreglass Projects

Manufactured in our specialist fibreglass factory in New Plymouth by experienced and skilled tradesmen.

Delivered direct to site, installation by mobile crew.

Scope, Design & professional Services Auckland-based Engineers avaliable to visit site on short notice and for fast turnarounds of budget and qoutation costings to in-depth design.

Condition Monitoring of Fibreglass

Regular inspections and reports available on request.

Monitoring condition of fibreglass for safety reasons and to meet legal requirements.

  • Fibreglass thickness tests
  • Barcol hardness tests
  • Coating thickness tests

Maintenance work can be assessed and implemented based on scoped needs.

Armatec Scrubber Optimisation

Scrubber Optimisation

One-off and ongoing inspections and reports available on request.

Assessing performance of scrubbers and to meet air discharge requirements.

  • Scrubber performance assessment
  • Mass balances
  • Recommendations to improve performance and/or reduce operating costs
  • Water and chemical minimisation
  • Assessment of plant whilst running

Ductwork Airflow Balancing

Duct network wide inspections and reports available on request.

Measuring of airflows in different network branches to check balanced and to design.

  • Airflow measurements
  • Pressure drop measurements
  • Checking for blockages in ducts
  • Adjustments using current or new dampers
Armatec Ductwork Airflow Balancing

Armatec Site Assessment Options

Site Assessment and Options Studies

Site Wide inspections for purpose of identifying future options.

  • Airflow measurements
  • Odour/toxic gas measurements
  • Identify control options
  • Assess costs of strategies identified
  • Recommendation for future

Pilot Plant Studies

For potential projects to capture design data and prove technology.

Range of pilot plants available for various air pollution and odour control projects.

Armatec Pilot Plants Studies

Research & Development

Innovation enabled

Experienced design engineers and R&D staff, specialist software and an innovative culture provide capabilities to solve new challenges for our innovative customers.