Dairy Industry 

Whilst all dairy industry processing above ground is traditionally stainless steel, it is below ground chemical waste streams that require fibreglass. These chemical sewers handle a wide cocktail of chemicals at various temperatures, and have historically been a corrosion nightmare. In the 1990s Armatec worked with the Dairy Industry and proved that fibreglass was the best material. Now Armatec supplies fibreglass piping, sumps, manholes, flumes, pump stations and coatings for these chemical sewers.

Armatec fibreglass vinyl ester pipes came through a joint dairy industry testing programme in the 1990s as the best solution. It is now standard practice for all dairy industry wastewater systems below ground to be fibreglass. This includes traps, pipes, manholes, pump stations, flumes, storage tanks and the like. Armatec has developed a complete range of products so that they are all available from one source.

Armatec provides fibreglass D-Traps, pipes, sumps, manholes, flumes, chemical tanks, chemical bund coatings etc as complete integrated systems.  The Armatec contact moulded industrial grade fibreglass can handle all of the chemicals typically used in a Dairy factory, as well as the temperature fluctuations that occur. Armatec has pioneered the use of fibreglass in these types of applications since 1988.

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