Armatec Green Dome® Odour Filter Success Stories

Business is better now for the Mangawhai thanks to the Green Dome® Odour Filter.

The Mangawhai wastewater sewer network is a combination of pressure sewers and a gravity network. The main pump station at Mangawhai Village is located just 10 metres from a gift shop. There were odour complaints from this pump station as soon as it started operation. “The odour was bad. Customers noticed it immediately,” the shop owners said. “But now there hasn’t been even a whiff since you installed it. You wouldn’t even know the pump station was there.” The engineer for the Mangawhai wastewater scheme is very pleased with the result. “The Green Domes® are working well,” he stated.

The odour was gone as soon as it was installed. It is just fantastic.
— Gift shop attendant, Mangawhai Village.

Following the first two successful Green Domes® at Mangawhai in 2010, more than 30 installations have been done throughout New Zealand and Australia to eliminate odour releases from pump stations, air release valves and manholes.

Redwood Forest a more enjoyable destination

Long Mile Road in Rotorua leads to the popular Redwood Forests, a mountain biking and walking recreation area for locals and tourists alike. A roadside sewer air release valve caused a ‘stink’ detracting from the nature experience.

In 2011, a Green Dome® Odour Filter was installed. Instantly the H2S sewage odour was gone. Dennis, a local who walks his dog along this road every day, and was the first to congratulate Armatec for eliminating the odour immediately after installation.  “The Green Domes work. Before it was installed, we had complaints about the smell of death at this location” says Riaan Rossouw, principal engineer for Hydrus Engineering Consultants – who bikes this road frequently in the Rotorua Redwood Forest. After Green Domes® were installed, Rotorua District Council received unsolicited phone calls of congratulations for taking care of sewage odours. This is a welcome change from the normal phone calls which are usually complaints when things go wrong.