Ceilcote® History

Ceilcote® History

The Ceilcote® name has been at the forefront of both heavy duty corrosion control and air pollution control both in the USA and Europe since the 1950s.

The Beginnings of Ceilcote

The Ceilcote Co began in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1926. Mr Smith Snr started a small company applying acid resistant brick and mortar in steel plants in Cleveland.

USA Expansion Under Bill Smith

Bill Smith took over his father's business and starting working with polyester and epoxy resins. Products were acid resistant mortars, linings, grouts and fibreglass for the steel and pulp and paper industries. Bill Smith tried formulations in his home laundry first. Some of the first ones were in the 1950s were Ceilcrete® and Coroline®, and they are still in use today. The Ceilcote Co was the
leader in the development of these products and this was reflected in Bill Smith being the chairman of the Producers Representatives in the development of the first industrial fibreglass standard PS 15-69 Custom Contact Moulded Reinforced Polyester Chemical Resistant Process
Equipment adopted in 1969 and still referred to today. Air pollution control projects were a ready market for the fibreglass products and The Ceilcote Co quickly developed a leading international capability in this field.