Costing for Fibreglass

When it comes to costing for Fibreglass in projects, fibreglass becomes a difficult challenge as it is a unique composite material with different densities, strengths, thicknesses, manufacturing process and design compared to traditional materials such as SS, Alum, steel and plastics. Then the particular resin choice to achieve the correct corrosion resistance then comes into play. 

While there will never be a good replacement for a proper take off for a project from an experienced fibreglass provider, there is a general rule of thumb that can get you started. 

This General rule of thumb is that FRP is approximately the same cost as 316 Stainless Steel for approximately the same pressure and flow duty. 

This gives a good approximation for piping when all factors are taken into consideration.

Armatec is an experienced FRP supplier of a wide range of products and systems for over 30 years in New Zealand, Australia and internationally. 

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