NZTIWF 2019 - Next week in Dunedin

Looking forward to catching up with all those attending the NZTIWF next week! This year Todd Landers is making the trip.

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Industrial Waters Conference 2019 10-12 April 2019, Dunedin

The 2019 Conference Committee would like to extend a warm invitation out to organisations dealing with water and waste issues, members from all sectors of the industry including scientists, Regional and Territorial Authorities, engineers, suppliers and liquid waste operators.

The group is primarily focused on providing real time solutions to issues facing the Industry, developing national standards and working together as an industry to develop sustainable processes that protect infrastructure and the environment.

One of the themes for the 2019 conference is around the water reform and by the time the conference starts we will be in a better position to discuss what voice we want to put forward. Along with the water reform we will be discussing the pitfalls of incorrect treatment processes and the impact of tourism on the wastewater industry.

With this conference, we look to bring together like-minded people, share in the experiences we have had, discuss the issues we have faced, grow new connections and relationships and hopefully solve or work through potential solutions to current issues.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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