Carbon Bed Adsorbers for Landfill Gas Odour

Project Date




A retirement village was built on the site of an old landfill, closed many years earlier. The developer had to control methane emissions from the landfill, and installed a number of bores to extract gases from the landfill. The challenge was to dispose of the methane without any odour complaints from the hydrogen sulphide gas that came out of the wells with the methane.


Two activated carbon filters were installed to remove the odours from the gas stream, so that it could be discharged to atmosphere at the retirement village.

The activated carbon adsorbs the hydrogen sulphide and other odours allowing the gas stream to be discharged to the atmosphere without adverse effect. The design takes into account flammable methane gas and noise restrictions in the area.

Armatec fibreglass fans are also used to move the corrosive air.  Acoustic attenuation enclosures were provided to minimise noise.


Odour free operation for more than 10 years.