Formaldehyde Scrubbing at Particle Board Plant

Project Date




Formaldehyde fumes released during the manufacture of particle board were causing complaints from neighbours.  This limited the production and expansion plans for the plant, and raised levels of formaldehyde in working areas of the plant. 


Armatec installed a complete air collection system and scrubbers to remove the majority of the formaldehyde.

The picture above shows one of three horizontal crossflow scrubbers at a particle board factory treating air to reduce formaldehyde emissions. The scrubber pictured treats fumes from the 2 presses at the plant. The other scrubbers treat fumes from the cyclone driers. The scrubbers are able to remove between 50% and over 90% of the formaldehyde depending on the chemical regime selected in the scrubbers. This makes the units ideal with changing air discharge limits from the local Regional Council. The formaldehyde captured is sent with the scrubber blowdown to the biological waste water treatment plant. The installations feature all fibreglass corrosion resistant and high efficiency CLUB fans.


The plant continues to operate without complaints from neighbours.