Odour Control at Food Manufacturing Plant

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A large food processing plant located in the middle of a residential area was causing nuisance odours and particulate for local residents. Plus the plant wanted to increase its production.


An extensive fibreglass ducting system together with a venturi scrubber, sieve tray scrubber, fibreglass fan and stack was installed to meet Resouce Consent requirements of no objectionable odour at the plant boundary in a city location. Pilot plant work carried out with the plant's consultants demonstrated the viability of the proposed system that collected odourous gas streams from many different food manufacturing operations and then treated them in a single multi-throat venturi scrubber and sieve tray scrubber. These scrubbers remove the particulates and odours.


The treated single airstream can now be discharged to atmosphere without resulting in objectionable odours and particulate deposition at neighbouring properties. After installation, the plant has at all times met its Air Discharge Consent. 

The scrubber system provided by Armatec far exceeded our expectations. Scrubbing is no long the bottleneck in our production.
— Plant Manager