Particulate & acid recovery from galvanising plant

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Metal Treatment Plants

Multi-throat Venturi, Fan, Mist Eliminator, Stack


A galvanising plant had fine metal particulate and gaseous acid coming out of its plant that impeded on its neighbours, leaving a fine blanket of metal dust in the area.  The budget was limited and the solution needed to be innovative to match the company's expectations and resource consent limits. Acid vapour concentrations were also causing corrosion concerns to the factory materials.


Armatec worked with the company to create an affordable hygiene ventilation and particulate capture and acid recovery system for the plant. We utilised re-purposed Armatec equipment from a decommissioned plant, installing a custom ducting design, combined with a multi-throat venturi, sump, mist eliminator and stack combination.


The plant enjoyed a much improved internal working environment. The resource consent limits were achieved and maintenance requirements from corrosion on the plant factory materials have reduced significantly. All was achieved at a limited budget and on time. 

Odour Control at Food Manufacturing Plant

A large food processing plant located in the middle of a residential area was causing nuisance odours for local residents. Plus the plant wanted to increase its production.

Ammonia Scrubber and Fibreglass Ducting at Wastewater Treatment Plant

Air given off from the biosolids treatment plant at Watercare’s Mangere wastewater treatment plant contains ammonia and odours. This air had to be captured and ducted away for treatment in soil bed filters. However firstly the ammonia had to be removed as it would have had an adverse effect on the soil bed filter biology.