How to install your Green Dome Odour Filter

How to install your Green Dome Odour Filter

Bottom Vertical Entry Option

Bottom vertical entry may better suit the topography and preferred site of some installations. Small units can be mounted directly on top of a pump station, provided they are not in the way of pump station service crews. 

Bottom Horizontal Entry Standard 

All condensation drains away from the Green Dome® back to the pump station. The top of base module must be above any possible local water level so that the Green Dome® cannot flood. 

Increased H2S in vessel must be handled 

As the Green Dome® is a passive breather, H2S concentrations in the pump station or vessel may increase compared to a vented system. Check there is no resulting corrosion. Solve this by using corrosion resistant fibreglass pump stations and vessels or apply resistant coatings to existing concrete pump stations. Both are available from Armatec.

Parts and supplies are inexpensive and simple to source 

Replacement carbon and dipsticks are available direct from Armatec. We purchase carbon in bulk, then supply the precise quantity of carbon you need.

Maximum Duct Length 

For all installations, Armatec recommends a maximum duct length of 10 metres in order to minimise pressure drops.

Installation Steps

  1. Confirm the position and layout with installation contractor.
  2. Unpack the pallet and store the carbon and other fittings in a safe dry place.
  3. Excavate, and place the base module without the carbon in the hole to the correct orientation of the inlet duct. Check the base module is level.
  4. Ensure the top of the base module precludes ground water from entering the unit, even in storms or floods. 
  5. Check the top module locates to the desired height. There is a maximum depth that the top module will locate down to. It can sit higher, but should sit down onto the base module by at least 100mm. If the top of the base module is still too high, this can be trimmed down by up to 100 mm later.
  6. Install the inlet duct. Ensure the duct is sloped back to the pump station to ensure self-draining. Seal the penetration to the pump station or chamber.
  7. Backfill the base module ensuring that the sides remain vertical. The anti-flotation flange ensures it is held in position.
  8. Verify that the perforated plate, nylon mesh, and layer of foam packing used to support the carbon are in position.
  9. The carbon can be installed now or later but must be kept dry at all times. Best place to keep it dry is inside the Green Dome® with the lid on. The carbon comes either loose in bags (up to 25kg in weight), or in one or more mesh bags. Follow the correct order for installing the carbon: SHM carbon goes at bottom, and VOC carbon on the top. The carbon bed should be levelled between different carbon types, and also when the loading operation is complete.
  10. Install or pour a concrete support ring to which the top module will be bolted. The hold down bolts can be located in the concrete during the pour.
  11. When everything is finished and all cable ducts and openings are sealed, install the dipstick and telltales supplied. These must be kept in their plastic wrapping until just prior to installation.
  12. Observe safety requirements at all times. We recommend wearing gloves and dust mask when handling carbon. Wash hands when finished. Do not enter a pump station without taking confined space safety measures.