Environmental Footprint Focus

Improving the Composites Sector Environmental Footprint

Composite materials already bring so much value to industry, combining high strength with low weight and corrosion-resistant properties. And in many cases, low environmental impact as well.

ECOCOMP 2019, held in Coventry, UK, on June 19-20, was about improving the environmental footprint of the composites industry across all stages of the life cycle – from design to raw materials to life cycle analysis and recycling.

Numerous efforts are being made throughout the industry, including:

Take recycling carbon fibres for example. This process uses 10% of the energy required to produce virgin carbon fibres, and the resulting product costs 40% less. This is a clear win for both industry and the environment.

With efforts like this being made across the composites industry, we are well on the way to reducing our environmental impact and protecting our world for generations to come.

The ECOCOMP Conference was well worth attending & we look forward to exploring how these innovations can be included in our business activities.

Highlights from ECOCOMP Conference, from Armatec Business Manager Europe & Middle East; Shane Pope MEMgt, BEng(Chem)