A Plug-and-Play Solution to Network & Pump Station Odour Control

Using our proven 2-stage odour control technology we've downsized for the urban environment. The Armatec MicroScrubber delivers BTF technology with nutrient dosing, carbon bed & in-built quiet speed-controllable fan. Providing the benefits of biological scrubbing at a fraction of the size.

Compact designs, above or below ground are ideal for urban odour problems in pump stations, manhole transmissions, wastewater sewage networks or in replacement of soil bed filters.

MicroScrubbers remove the problem of higher H2S concentrations, where carbon replacement frequency is too high. With odour control capacity for up to 500ppm H2S the biological tricking filter increases carbon life, reducing waste and maintenance requirements.

Key Benefits:

• Biological scrubbing >90% H2S for lowest operational costs, followed by activated carbon polishing for trusted performance at all times

• Extension of carbon bed life due to polishing only

• Easy access for maintenance teams

• Multiple sampling points in secure locked area enabling safe sampling and performance data logging

• Secure, compact & contained design for safe integration in urban environments on small footprint

• Below ground options also available