Vortex Dropper Formers

For reducing wall erosion, turbulence, and entrained air in pump stations. Improves pump performance and reduces evolved H2S and other gases

Fibreglass formers to lead wastewater into a drop pipe to a pump station or large manhole. Turns and swirls flow for better performance.

Vortex droppers lead wastewater into a drop pipe to a pump station or large manhole. The flow is turned and swirled as it enters the central drop pipe. Vortex droppers are used to avoid wastewater impinging on the side of the pipe or manhole in an uncontrolled manner.

Armatec manufactures vortex droppers to achieve smooth curved surfaces for the least turbulence. Reinforced concrete is poured behind the fibreglass former to achieve structural integrity necessary for the project. Stiffeners are integrated into the fibreglass to provide both strength during backfilling of concrete, and to physically lock the fibreglass to the concrete. Concrete pours are done in several lifts to avoid collapsing the fibreglass former.

Key Features

The benefits of Vortex Dropper Formers are it lowers many unwanted behaviours from the liquid waste:

  • Less erosion
  • Less turbulence
  • Less entrained air that affects pump performance
  • Less H2S and other gases evolved
  • Fibreglass is surfaced with a special Armatec abrasion resistant layer to provide additional resistance to wear and erosion. The layer is incorporated during fibreglass manufacture, therefore is integral with the unit.

At site special attention is paid to the ends of the vortex dropper former to ensure wastewater cannot infiltrate behind the fibreglass.